About us

ES like the Es of Freud. GI for Gaia. VI for Vivilla, EN for Nives. A brand name, a philosophy. Es’givien project was born 10 years ago by the idea of three sisters from Verona (Italy): Gaia, Nives and Vivilla. With different skills, from marketing to psychology, from design to public relations and the same background - that one of the crafts and the business venture inherited by the family - plus the precious collaboration with little local craftsmanlike realities, the three girls with their brand have soon cornered an enviable space in the complicated fashion system.

Quality and Handcraft. A product exclusively certificated “hand Made in Italy”.


Es’givien, la Linea di Parole (the Words Line). Because inside every garment it is kept a thought dedicated to who is wearing it. Hidden, but within reach. Every season new messages, exclusive thoughts, linked to the theme of the collection. Messages printed inside the garments. Hidden like our ES, our Identity. Like Sigmund Freud did suggest in his studies and now Vivilla, the psycologist of Es'givien group, is reminding us, the ES is the Essence: that hidden, subjective and unique part from where starts and gets a sense all what we are/become and can be.