Goals for the future: greater social commitment, projects that are able to look away, “beyond us.” Because everyone can cultivate his ES, from Europe to Africa, from America to India. That’s why now, the 3 young brand’s owners want to give a real help to those less fortunate. A gift from the heart. Another thought, simple but valuable. Since the last seasons, the three sisters have decided to actively participate in social projects and initiatives, whose mission may well intersect with Es’givien philosophy, to create projects that benefit “beyond us.”. An ethical goal that will show a different face of fashion: a seemingly futile world but that, engaging seriously, can do much to help those who need it most. Since last years Es’givien worked concretely by the side of Italian government and social partners in favor of projects to fight violence against women (Florence for Women & castitatis Cingulum) and against discrimination (Paralympics 2016, National Conference for Disabillity Politics, and Trisome Games 2016)

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