E S ‘ G I V I E N is not just a brand, but a name, a philosophy of life, a project that wants to “look beyond”, born from the idea of three sisters from Verona: Gaia, Vivilla and Nives.

With different professional backgrounds, from marketing to psychology, from communication to design, these three sisters put their skills and passions into play to create an innovative and ambitious project. This was their dream, now reality, as we can see written in each of their creations.

A common background the craftsmanship and entrepreneurial spirit inherited from the family – together with thevaluable collaboration with local artisans, provided the basis to quickly conquer a solid and recognisable space in the contemporary fashion system.

Selected as one of the best emerging brands first by Pitti Immagine and White Milano and then by international buyers, the maison continues to create collections with perseverance and passion, consistently pursuing three guidelines: quality, innovation and sustainability (hence the acronym QIS). This is the recognised manifesto of the company’s Mission.

E S ‘ G I V I E N creations are entirely handmade in Italy, certified as 100% Italian products. They are the tangible fruit of a contemporary craftsmanship, given by a continuous tension towards experimentation, together with solid roots in the most classic know-how.

Another truly distinctive element of the brand isthe positive message, hidden but at hand, dedicated to every woman, always present in the inner hem of Es’givien creations. An unexpected message that you can find, often by chance, in your garment as an incipit to feeling good, inside and outside. A hymn to the importance of essence over appearance!

E S ‘ G I V I E N explores “total black” in unexpected, material ways, full of a unique, unmistakable and absolutely characterising style, so much so as to be defined by the sector press as the “line of words”.

Silk gauze, cashmere and wool, mako cotton and micromodal alternate with technical, thermoformed, thick and structured fabrics.

The result? Unmistakable sculptural garments. Laminations, coatings and lasings embellish the collections with an avant-garde character, made up of futuristic looks and classic flavours.

The accessories are in leather, napa leather, techno and in patent leather, but always minimal, to complete every outfit, already precious in themselves.

The continuous element is a refined minimal taste for a whisper of elegance and sophistication that is well expressed in the “essential_chic” mood.

What E S ‘ G I V I E N proposes is an “easy to wear” outfits with a solid content and a precious and refined shape that is constantly evolving.

Just as the application of the Mission is evolving. In 2014, exactly 10 years after the birth of the brand, #ilfashionbelloebuono came to life, a network of projects that the 3 sisters initiated and connected to important international players, NGOs and institutions to create a new project that is spread throughout the territory. A networking of skills, professionalism and resources that can gradually find ways to share and understand how to increase value, in fashion and beyond, for and with the new generations. All this with an increasingly targeted and concrete focus on innovation, sustainability and circularity, because Es’givien really wants to contribute to something “BEYOND US”.


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