E S ‘ G I V I E N
has always had a social and sustainable focus in its DNA.

In 2014, E S ‘ G I V I E N created #ilfashionbelloebuono: a project that had and has the ambition to involve the actors of the Italian fashion system in social and environmental initiatives.
To the three founding values of the company – craftsmanship, passion, innovation – was soon added the value of sustainability, with maximum attention to what surrounds us (human and environmental resources). When there was no talk of sustainability, before this term became commonly used, almost “fashionable”, E S ‘ G I V I E N studied paths and projects in favour of people and the planet.
Because fashion can be not only “beautiful” but also “good”. Fashion can contribute to projects of social value: an example of this are the initiatives carried out by E S ‘ G I V I E N with Nosotras Onlus against gender discrimination and violence against women.
But not only that. In the name of its slogan ‘look beyond us’, E S ‘ G I V I E N pushes to make the fashion industry aware of the importance of respecting those involved in the creative and production processes. In particular, it promotes the protection of the many artisans who have handed down the art of craftsmanship with passion and hard work and who now see their professionalism compromised by the relocation of production.
But of course E S ‘ G I V I E N also talks about the environment around us. The environment that gives us the raw materials and then receives the waste. In this sense, thanks to the contribution of EnelX (partner in the environmental transition project), E S ‘ G I V I E N studies and initiates circular economy processes so that production waste is not destined for incinerators, but can become raw material in other and different projects. So that more and more “green” yarns and fabrics are included in the collections, processed according to sustainable standards and/or the result of recycled fibres that can have a second life.
The Italian Senate was the first to grasp the importance of the #ilfashionbelloebuono project by inviting E S ‘ G I V I E N into its chambers as a spokesperson for an obligatory change that will have to involve all of us.

True sustainability – environmental, social and economic – is a journey in itself and E S ‘ G I V I E N’s journey began with the creation of #ilfashionbelloebuono. The aim is to become more and more sustainable, respecting the environment and the people/realities it works with. To date it is well on its way and in several areas.
E S ‘ G I V I E N means “essentially chic” creations, with a conscience and a soul as well as a contemporary fashion content that is attentive to research and experimentation.
You know that with E S ‘ G I V I E N you are making an informed choice by buying responsibly and sustainably. Because, like E S ‘ G I V I E N, you know that the planet is our responsibility and nobody else’s.
The E S ‘ G I V I E N team loves and respects our planet and its resources and does not want to pollute or destroy it. . The aim is to become an “eco/society friendly” brand by sourcing organic and renewable raw materials and producing its collections without the use of chemicals and with the lowest possible carbon footprint. And by entrusting each stage of the creative and production process to professionals and companies with local expertise (strictly Italian).

Join E S ‘ G I V I E N and #ilfashionbelloebuono on this exciting journey!


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